Amie Bevan

Friendly face & mental health professional.

I am a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor with a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work safely and ethically in line with the BACP Ethical Framework. I hold a current enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (DBS).

I am warm and friendly and offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to explore whatever you chose to bring to the sessions.

I will work empathically with you, reflecting on thoughts and feelings, articulating what is happening within our work at my regular clinical supervision. I am driven to provide the best possible support to you through adapting to your unique individual needs. I will plan and prepare as I work with you towards your specific goals, and will do so with a consistently high professional standard. I believe that you are the expert in your life; promoting independence, confidence and autonomy.

I am a relational and integrative therapist, concentrating on the relationship between you and myself. I have learned about many theoretical approaches which I can then utilise as and when they feel appropriate.

I have many years experience of working with children, young people and adults from a wide range of backgrounds. I have worked in a children’s home and for a charity that supports vulnerable young homeless people. As well as my private practice, I have volunteered working with clients with a vast range of presenting issues; at an organisation providing talking therapy to people who have experienced sexual abuse and currently volunteer in a primary school working therapeutically with children through play, art and talking therapy.

I have a real passion for my career as a therapist and I am committed to improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of adults and young people.

Talking Therapy

Talking therapy can offer you the time and space that you may need to process your thoughts and feelings, and work through these at a pace that suits you. This can be both long and short term, and can help you work through a specific issue or event which has impacted you. Talking therapy can also allow you to explore and make sense of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and ways of relating to yourself and others.

How I Work

I offer a safe, non-judgemental, empathic and confidential space for you to reflect and explore the reasons you have chosen to access therapy. I provide individual sessions for people aged 16+ and can provide both long term or short term therapy. I work collaboratively with you towards your goals and desires for the future. My integrative training enables me to adapt my approach to your individual and unique needs.

What To Expect

When you contact me we can discuss and assess your reasons for accessing therapy and how we could work together. Once you have decided if I am the right therapist for you, we can meet for our first session where we will complete an assessment form together, agree and sign our contract and decide how we will progress forward together.

I will work collaboratively with you starting from the place that you currently find yourself in. We will work together with whatever you decide to bring, at a pace that suits you. We can work together for as long as you feel necessary to address and process whatever you chose to bring to our sessions.

I offer weekday appointments, including early and late appointments, so please do get in touch regarding availability.


There are many positives that we can gain from close relationships which can bring us a lot of joy. However, we can sometimes experience issues in our relationships which can cause us to feel hurt, let down, discontent and alone. Conflict is a natural part of relationships with the people we love, and couples therapy can facilitate a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore and work through this. Couples therapy can address a wide variety of relationship issues, including feelings of disconnection, an affair, reoccurring conflicts, external stressors, issues related to sex, or simply wanting to get along better together.

Couples therapy can be valuable if you are wanting to address concerns regarding your relationship and work towards emotional closeness with your partner. The work we do together can support you to make beneficial changes in your relationship(s) and your life overall. Therapy sessions can support you to feel more connected to your partner and your own feelings, along with feeling more secure, spontaneous and playful in your relationship. When you feel secure in your relationship, you are able to become more assertive and adventurous in other parts of your life.

My role as the therapist is to help facilitate you to:

  • Understand yourself and each other more fully and how to meet each others’ needs
  • Identify and gain awareness of relationship issues
  • Improve communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Strengthen and rebuild friendship, attachment and intimacy
  • Eliminate dysfunctional behaviours
  • Learn new skills to help you within your relationship
  • Improve relationship satisfaction

I maintain a positive, neutral view of your relationship and work equally with yourself and your partner towards your relationship goals.

My Qualifications

  • MA in Psychotherapy
  • PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP accredited)
  • PG Certificate in Interpersonal and Counselling Skills
  • Introduction to Counselling Skills
  • Certificate in Couples Therapy


My standard fee is £70 per session, with each session lasting 50 minutes.
I offer a reduced introductory session for £35.
My fee for couples is £110 per session, with each session lasting 50 minutes
I offer a reduced introductory session for couples for £55.

What Others Say

  • Amie radiates compassion and understanding from the moment you meet her. Despite Amie and I only meeting once in person due to Covid-19, I have never felt more comfortable and safe opening up in sessions over zoom. She really has helped me to accept my situation, become kinder to myself, and has pointed me to some great coping mechanisms that I use every day. I would recommend her to anyone

    Ellie - Brighton

  • I was really anxious admitting I needed to work through things and Amie set me at ease on our first session. She is calming, understanding and non-judgemental which I consider extremely important. The sessions were at a pace that got results but were within my capabilities to work through and I felt safe that Amie could guide me through difficult and challenging discussions. I am confident in using the tools I've gained moving forward and will without doubt book in further sessions if I need them

    Claire - Bradford

  • I came to Amie looking for help in navigating some past experiences causing present issues. Amie is so genuine and easy to talk to. She helped guide me through my issues in the most sincere and caring of ways, providing honest truths when required and helping me see things from different perspectives which is one of the most important lessons I will take from my time with Amie. Could not recommend more

    Luke - Leeds


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does therapy cost?

The cost of each therapy session for an individual is £70 for a 50 minute session, and for couples it's £110 for a 50 minute session.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone’s journey to growing, changing and healing is different as every client is unique. Therefore, the amount of sessions that each person may choose to have will vary. Therapy can last anywhere from one session, over many months or many years, depending on your needs and wants. We can discuss this along the way and find what is best suited to you.

How is talking therapy different to talking with a friend?

Sometimes it is necessary to talk about things with someone who is not a part of your everyday life, like friends or family. Although having people in your life to talk to can be good in terms of offering support through difficult times, it can be difficult for them to be objective, which can sometimes be important. I will offer you a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space where I will listen to you, aiming to help you explore the best options for you.

I am experienced in working with people in distress, and will work empathically with you to empower you to make choices which you feel are best for you and your wellbeing.

Is everything I say confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is paramount. As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I am bound by their ethical framework for good practice. Only in situations such as risk to life, safety of children or disclosure of acts of terrorism (1989) would I make contact with third parties.

Please refer to my privacy policy for more details on confidentiality and how I keep your information safe.

What else should I know?

Therapy is an investment in yourself and requires commitment and time. For the best results you will need to be prepared to open up and talk about things that may be painful or challenging for you. Therapy requires honesty about thoughts and feelings, which I will help you explore in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

What is the next step?

I understand that it can be daunting to make those first steps of contacting and meeting with a therapist for the first time. I aim to make you feel safe and welcome and we can discuss whether you feel that I am the right therapist for you.

Our first session will include an initial assessment so that I can understand your reasons for accessing therapy, what you would like to explore and what you hope to get out of our sessions together.

Find My Practice

I offer sessions from Evolve Counselling and Therapy Centre, Leeds, LS1 2PW. Evolve is situated on Park Square West, overlooking Park Square close to Leeds train station, with many bus routes operating nearby and paid car parking available outside the building. If you want to get in touch please simply click on the button below. Alternatively send me an email at or call on 07564594954